SQL Backup Pro

SQL Backup Pro 10.1

Automate backup, restore, and verification operations of SQL server databases

SQL Backup is an application designed to generate backups for all databases stored in SQL servers. This program provides users with many tools in order to give them the possibility to better control and organize database schema for which they want to perform backups.

By using this program, you may convert SQL backup files to either Microsoft Tape format (.bak) or SQL Backup 5 format (.sqb). In addition to this, by using this application, you are able to convert files from a wide variety of formats into the SQL Backup 5 (.sqb) format by accessing the SQL Backup File Converter option, and then selecting either “Append New File Extension”, or “Place converted files in new folders” features.

SQL Backup offers two choices as far as the database backup process is concerned, e.g. you may choose to backup information from a single SQL server, or from multiple SQL servers. The program also allows the possibility to view the entire backup history or to select only specific time frames for scrutiny.

In conclusion, SQL Backup is an effective application, capable of performing fast backup, in order to safeguard database schema stored on any type of SQL server. Moreover, in order to spare precious time, this program allows you to schedule backup jobs, and also restore backups performed at a certain moment in the past.

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